Mool Shanti Puja

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Nakshatras assume significant importance in the lives of many. Mool shanti pooja is conducted to alleviate the sufferings and negativity arising due to birth under inappropriate nakshatras which are the negative mool Nakshatras. They include Ashwaini, Magha, Jayeshta, Aslesha, Mool and Revati. Buy Mool Shanti Puja, Mool Shanti Puja online shopping, Order Mool Shanti Puja.

In order to eliminate and pale the inauspiciousness arising due to this, a Mool shanti pooja is conducted on the 27th day after the birth of a new born. It is believed that the parent is not supposed to get a glimpse of the child before this.

We have assembled in this kit all ingredients for performing Moolshanti puja. All the essentials packed are natural, pure, sacred and of high quality and are sufficient for performing puja.

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•	Supari		•	Lawang		•	Roli
•	Rice		•	Chandan		•	Haldi Powder
•	Haldi Gath	•	Dhoop		•	Kapoor
•	Kala Teel	•	Dashang		•	Ghee
•	Batti (Round)	•	Match Stick	•	Deepak
•	Agarbatti	•	Red Cloth	•	Kesar
•	Panchmeva	•	Elaichi		•	Dona/Plastic Container-25
•	Jau		•	Moli		•	Itra
•	Abeer/Gulal	•	White Cloth	•	Wheat
•	Ganga Jal	•	Honey		•	Mishri
•	Peeli Sarson	•	Savroaushadhi	•	Gugul
•	Paan ka Patta	•	Mango Leaves	•	Nariyal
•	Dub		•	Aam ki Lakdi	•	Navgrah ki Lakdi 
•	Samudra Jal	•	Panch Ratna     
•	Mool Shanti Samagri Pack 
        (27 Goan ke Kankar
        27 Pedo ke patte
        27 Kove ka pani
        27 Angul kapda
        27 Angul moli

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Kalash/Lota -245 Rs

Gold Coin – Rs

Sweets -230Rs

Dhoti Kurta – 500 Rs

Naag Nagin ka Joda (Silver)- Rs


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