Vat Savitri Vrat, is a fast observed by married Hindu women in North India for the wellbeing of their husbands and children. The fasting is named after Savitri, who brought back her husband from the clutches of Yama (death). Women then worship the Banyan Tree (Vat Vriksha). After praying to the Banyan Tree, a red or yellow colored thread is tied around the tree. Then water, rice and flowers are offered as part of the puja. Women then go round the tree and chant prayers.

We have assembled in this kit all ingredients for performing Vat Savitri puja. All the essentials packed are natural, pure, sacred and of high quality and are sufficient for performing puja. Also known as Vat Purnima, pipal puja or Wat Purnima. Buy VAT SAVITRI PUJA KIT, VAT SAVITRI PUJA KIT online shopping, Order VAT SAVITRI PUJA KIT.

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•	Kalash/lota		•	Dhoop batti		•	Diya (Mitti ka decorated) - 5

•	Bati			•	Agarbatti		•	Akshat

•	Chandan powder		•	Chawal powder( pithar)	•	Kumkum/ Roli

•	Ghee			•	Ankurit chana		•	Gur

•	Haldi			•	Moli/Yellow thread-2	•	Mango-7

•	Pankha(biyan)		•	Vat savitri vrat katha book •	Plastic plate-25

Total Price-2051Rs



Vat vriksha in gamla-200Rs


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